Peru, Ecuador and Colombia; July through October '07


Chan/Huanchaco; Sand Ruins and Cool Boats

Northern Peru 1; Chachapoyas Festival del Pan

Northern Peru 2; Kuelap

Northern Peru 3; Chachapoyas to Tumbes

Ecuador 1; Mitad del Mundo?

Ecuador 2; Quito to San Gabriel

Peru 1; Tacna to Arequipa

Peru 2; Arequipa

Puno; Lago Titicaca to Cuzco

Machu Picchu; One of the Seven Wonders


Leaving Cuzco; More Ruins

Peru Mtns.; High Altitude Living

Nasca (Lines) and Pisco, before the earthquake

Colombia 1; Pasto to Palmira

Colombia 2; Armenia and Juan Valdez

Colombia 3; Bogota y Museo de Oro

Colombia 4; Salt Mines

Colombia 5; Through the Colombian Mountains

Colombia 6; San Gil

Colombia 7; Bogota