Lima to Trujillo





            This page starts with a couple of Lima shots, includes a boring ruin site, then moves up the coast to Trujillo.  I didn't take many pictures because the weather was cold, foggy, rainy and generally bad and I just didn't see much worth photographing.  There are many many sand dunes and a vast majority of the country's chickens are raised on this part of the coast in long rows of chicken farm housing. 

Click on the image and get motivated or something.


Lima coast, foggy and unexciting, looking south.

Looking north.

Lima cathedral.

Another part of the colorful cathedral.

More from the colorful Lima cathedral.

The outside of Lima's cathedral isn't so colorful.

Governers mansion.

Keeping peace in the historical square.

Several blocks from the cathedral is a church that's not so pretty and colorful. They have a website where you can send money to help restore it.

It may be a little late, I wonder how it handled the earthquake? Lima experienced minor damage compared to Pisco, but this doesn't look very strong.

Back to another colorful church,

with colorful lighting.

Dome shot.

San Martin on a horse in the historical centro.

Selling vegies tuckered this poor kid out.

Miraflores area, the place where I found the 80 gig external hard drive that keeps me from worrying too much about losing everything on my computer.

Ruins in the San Isidro district of Lima.

The Viringo, a mostly hairless dog bred in Peru. There's a myth that they have a high body temp but it only feels like that because there's no hair.

Outside the ruins.

Some of the original mud-brick structure unearthed.

Reconstruction at the top of the pyramid.

Huaca is about 1300 years old.

This is what it looked like 40 years ago when the lot was used for motocross racing and other things like that.

Barranca, a boring little town on the coast, just north of where the cop got some of my cash and I acted dummer than I have in my life!

Cathedral in Barranca.

Town signature so they don't forget how to spell it.

The busiest corner in Barranca.

Late at night this very large wolfe-like dog was just standing in the door of this chicken place, freaking people out!

North of Barranca, about 30 miles, is this ruin site.

These guys take care of the place.

This is what it looks like from the road when you don't feel like paying or taking the time to really see it.

Some of the ceramic's they've found there.

Trujillo. This is the hotel where I met that guy from the Embassy here in Peru when I was ranting about the bad cops.