Chachapoyas to Tumbes






            Chachapoyas was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable communities I've seen in the last year of my travels and it was difficult to leave it behind.  The people are relaxed, friendly, fun and especially during their "Festival del Pan" in mid-August, a great time to visit.  The comparison between Chacha and Tumbes is a drastic one with Tumbes presenting a more suspicious atmosphere of folks that seem to be gazing as though they're picturing ways to get your money, and a putrid smell emanating from the nearby shallow, wide, murky river.  I can't remember a border town that I liked on this trip and Tumbes ranks toward the bottom of that category.

Click on the image for a dollar.


Vista Hermosa (beautiful view) was one of the best hotel deals - $7.00 for a very clean new room.

I stopped for breakfast before leaving Chachapoyas and met Tony, from Seattle, originally from here (right) and his brother.

Part of the narrow, dusty, winding, scary road leading to Chacha

It's hard to believe it but fairly large tour busses fit through that hole!

Close fit.

From the other side.

Odd church in the odd little town of Jaen, a stopover between Chacha and Piura.

Jaen is the only place that I've had something stolen - it was a sweatshirt that I had strapped to the back of my motorcycle.

Great, a dengue fever warning.

And another disease I've never heard of.

Leaving the cloud forest behind the landscape gets more barren.

Dusty and dry.

Dried meat just hanging there. They tear off a piece and fry it for you for about a buck, rice included.

Tumbes, a border town in North Peru just before entering Ecuador from the main coastal route.

Most of the decorations here seem overdone and exagerated.

Throughout Central and South America, border towns have always been a bit sketchy.

Park on the edge of the river.

Cathedral at the park.

Tumbes is more colorful than most border towns but it still has that same uneasy feeling of a criminal element.

It's one of the few places where I wouldn't want to walk in the town square after dark, even though it was relatively open and well lit.

VIP club on the rivers edge. Of course I did venture out after dark for a bit but cut my walk short.

More over done statues.

A more typical downtown building.

There are no happy chickens in there.