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            This page begins shortly after the Tarawasi ruins from the end of the previous page with some more mountains shots, then a handful of pictures from an interesting little ruin site called "Saywite" or "Saihuite", depending on which map you read.  Then later in Abancay I met some protesting teachers and took their pictures, then more pictures through the mountains, including a night in Puquio, then up to the sand dunes just before Nasca.

            The mountains in Peru are really an enjoyable part of the country.  The scenery, the people and the ruins make the areas way above sea level worth the visit.  I highly recommend it.  It's a very distinctly different feel from the coast, which I'll elaborate more on later...

Click on the image and visit the mountain region of Peru.


Beteen the Tarawasi ruins and Abancay is some of the best highway and scenery around.

See? I told you!

Note to self: Bring wide-angle lens next time!

Actually my biggest, and maybe only equipment regret, is not bringing a wide-angle lens on the trip.

Further down the winding road.

There's a small fire burning on the other side of the valley.

Saywite, Saihuite, whatever. There's the ticket guy that charges a buck or so to show you the place.

The ruins are mostly basic, and they're about 20 miles east of Abancay.

But there's this amazing rock that I referred to in the previous page of pictures, that looks like a miniature version of Q'enqo.

The caretaker guy explains how it's a planned community of the Inca world, including Cuzco, Machu Picchu, parts of the coast, and other regions.

This is supposed to be a crab, representing the coastal region.

The other side of the rock represents other high mountain regions.

There's a monkey here. Some "genius" archaeologists decided to make a plaster casting of the rock and destroyed much of it in the process.

About 3 miles beyond Saywite.

Another 5 miles down the road for a better view; left,


Cathedral at Abancay where my new friends were protesting.

Inside cathederal action, no protesting.

Outside on the side steps of the cathedral, protesting teachers. Girls on the left,

boys on the right. They were glad to have their pictures taken and talk about how teachers are extremely undervalued here.

They were glad that I noticed other teachers protesting throughout South America. I told them their pic's would be on my website in a week...

...but it's been more than 3 weeks later, due to computer issues. I hope they see the pictures! [My friends from the night before].

Tire burn scars from several days before, in Chalhuanca. These are allover Peru, some more pronounced than others.

Leftovers from the tire burning protests that blocked highways throughout the country only days before I arrived from Chile. Good timing.

Mountain roads before Puquio.

Homestead about 40 miles east of Puquio.

I ran off into the rocks to take a picture of some birds. They left too quickly, so here's the bike.

Cathedral, Puquio.

Typical Puquio house, made of that mud brick that gets painted over, but the paint wears off.

Other church in Puquio.

Typical Puquio street.

Puquio alley princess.

Puquio businesses of different colors.

Another church.

Descending from the high mountains down to Nasca. These pictures are about 4,000 feet above sea level.

Not a very inviting area.