Cuzco and some Nearby Ruins




            This page starts with some final shots around Cuzco and continues to some of the nearby ruins, within about a 10-15 minute ride from Cuzco, and then some shots leaving Cuzco.  The last several pictures are from Tarawasi, a small ruin site about 2-3 hours west of Cuzco.

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Cuzco Cathedral. Taken from the balcony of my favorite watering hole in Cuzco - Norton Rat's Tavern; best burgers, beer and breakfasts in Cuzco.

The 12 sided stone, or 12 angled stone depending on the translation.

Another example of the downtown area being built on foundations created by the Inca's over 500 years ago.

Purgatory avenue.

Plaza de Armas from above.

This scary looking lady gave me some of that ceviche.

Posers for cash, they're allover Cuzco.

I just had to take this picture!

Saqsaywaman, where the mystery in the masonry continues.

It's pronunciation is similar to saying "sexy woman" so it's easy to remember.

Saqsaywaman is just up the hill overlooking Cuzco.

Just like the other Incan ruins, archaeologists still have no idea how the stones were carved, lifted and fitted together.

Some people actually still believe that aliens helped.

Lots of corners in Incan ruins.

They're big on doors as well.

More posers, they hang around all the ruin sites looking for gringo's to take their pictures for a couple soles, peruvian currency.

Tambomachay, an ancient fountain.

Guide said they still don't know where the water comes from, I pointed to the water and said "I think it comes from there", he didn't appreciate that.

Cusilluchayoc, across the road from Tambomachay. Not a great photo but I liked the spooky dog effect.

Same place.

Q'enqo. A large ceremonial site just beyond Saqsaywaman, also overlooking Cuzco Valley.

Altar in a cave, most likely used for sacrifices, human or animal depending on who you ask.

Just outside the cave.

This large rock is like some sort of community model. There's a similar thing, but much smaller, that will be on the next page of pictures.

Leaving Cuzco this morning, looking north toward some snow-capped Andes peaks.

Lunch stop in Anta, an hour or so northwest of Cuzco.

Glamorous restaurant!

Getting closer to the mountains.

Tarawasi ruin site, west of Limatambo, 2-3 hours west of Cuzco.

Newer houses built on the ruin site.

This one just happened to be on the side of the road but I passed many others that were less convenient.

Most of Peru seems to be spotted with ruins, especially in the mountains around Cuzco, the north coast and the north-central highlands.



Last shot.