Northern Peru, Chacha Fireworks






            Chiclayo is the economic powerhouse of Northern Peru and the preacher in the first picture was really trying to live up to the "powerhouse" aspect of it.  The rest of the page is pictures from the trip to Chachapoyas, and the fireworks from "The Festival del Pan", a Chachapoyas-specific holiday.  When I get the opportunity to sit down and look at all the places I've visited and rank the cities/towns I'd like to live in the most, Chachapoyas will make the top end of the list.  The bad roads keep it a bit isolated but the scenery, nearby sites and people make it one of the best places I've visited.

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Fired-up preaching in the square in front of the Cathedral in Chiclayo.

Chiclayo cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral.

Flag lowering ceremony.

My only picture from Bagua Grande, the dusty little stop on the way to Chacapoyas. This is the market across from my hotel room.

View on the way to Chachapoyas.

Same area, different view.

Another cool spot on the side of the road.

View from my hotel roof, in Chachapoyas.

Same view, more to the left.

Chacha market.

The little girl hiding was flirting with the whole picture taking thing (she's hiding between the two ladies)...

Her pose; I sometimes have this effect on the ladies.

Just a doorway and an old wall, new wall and an old foundation.

Building the fireworks display for tonight's Festival del Pan celebrations, Chacha's own celebration.

I just took this so I wouldn't forget the name of the holiday.

I don't think they're happy with their uniforms.

Remodeling the Cathedral.

Same place, different view.

Tower almost complete, cool! I can't wait to see them light this thing!!

The obligatory pre-fireworks religious activity.

Still waiting...


It had 5-6 different phases, this was the second phase...


...later third, I think, it was all so piro-riffic I lost track of what was going on!

There were people close enough to this thing that they must have gotten some minor burns from the sparks.

More fun!

I thought this was the grand finale,

but then there was this,

oops. My camera had a hard time with the fireworks in the sky. Note to self; turn auto-focus off when trying to focus on fireworks in the sky.