Ecuador 2




            More pictures from around Quito, a reunion with an old college friend and his family, and San Gabriel, last stop before Colombia.

Click on the image because it's like a box of chocolates.


Still at Mitad del Mundo, looking south toward Quito from the top of the tower in the center of the park.

Other things along the equator.

Odd art at the park.

Back in Quito on the hill just south-west of the historic center of town is the only 40 foot virgin with wings in all of South America.

Looking North toward the historic center, you can see the cathedral in the upper middle of the picture.

People, sheep and city of Quito, looking south.

Kites are big here.

Good day to fly a kite.

Kite launching.

From the historic center looking back up.


The little kid was waving and jumping when he saw me taking the picture.

Just an interesting corner.

One of the many plazas in historic Quito.

Church at the plaza from the previous picture. The altar was being worked on so they had a large picture there which moved during the long exposure.

Another church in the historic center.

Inside one of the churches where they don't allow pictures, I set the camera on the floor for a long exposure of the ceiling.



And again, inside.

Again, a little dark in here.

Protesting some kind of perceived corruption.

Looking inside the Andy Warhol exhibit, seen on the previous page.

Quito art.

Another church in the northern, more modern downtown area.

Same thing, different angle.

Patricio and his son, Ignacio. I went to college with Patricio and was lucky to catch up with him in Quito - he hasn't changed a bit.

Andrea (Mrs. Patricio) and their daughter, Barbara.

Barbara and Ignacio were tons of fun and Patricio and Andrea were great hosts.


Just a general street shot in San Gabriel, last stop before heading into Colombia.

Again. The weather was cold and rainy there.

San Gabriel was a cold, boring, odd little town.

From the roof of Hostal San Gabriel, a good deal at about $8.00.