*Newport Oregon to Lincoln Nebraska, Second Page

This trip has been more wet and cold between stops than I'd thought.  But the stops have completely made up for it.  I've been able to catch up with some great friends and see many of their beautiful offspring!  I haven't updated the pictures for a while so there are quite a few on this page.  Double click on any of them to see the full image. 

It's now the evening of Tuesday, September 26.  I'm in Topeka KS.  On Sunday I'll be going into Mexico, through Laredo TX.  From there I'll update the photo's more regularly.






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Here's the link to 'Old Faithful Web-Cam'


Steve's cousin.

Near Steve's cousins' house. It sounds pretty non-pc, but there was a group of American Indians called 'Sheepeaters'. They were a Shoshone group.

Mammoth Hot Springs scenery, from above.

Mammoth Hot Springs scenery - I thought this was the best photo in the park.

Orange Spring Mound. A description of the best photo in the park.

General map of Mammoth hot springs.

Mammoth Hot Springs from below.

Sometimes a petrified tree is just a petrified tree. Freud said that.

Freud's explanation. I said that.

Northeastern Yellowstone park. These trees were burned in 1988 and still make a great photo.

Mama bear and cubs. There was a Yellowstone Ranger nearby calling her 'Rosie', a 14 year old sow.

Rosie and her two cubs looking for a 7-11.

Coyote. Wow.

Buffalo needs a bath.

Old Faithful, three minutes after the scheduled erruption. I didn't want to wait 92 minutes for the next erruption. The link above shows it today.

Chipmunk. Wow.

Waterfall just south of Old Faithful.

First glimpse of the Tetons, South of Yellowstone park.

Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons, from the South, looking North.

Jackson Hole WY's central park has arches of antlers.

One of the four antler arches at Jackson Hole, WY

Just a shot to show how great a ski resort Jackson Hole would be when it has snow.

Sexy dude, Tetons.

Later, crossing the Rocky Mountains in the Wind River Indian Reservation of WY.

Next to the previous photo. Snow on the ground = cold traveling.

Wind River Indian Res.

East of Casper WY. I outran this storm, but another just like it made me wet and cold for many miles.

Sophie and her new boyfriend. We've got a prom date in 2019.

4/5 of Pete and Jeannes kids are escorting me to Tierra del Fuego. They'll be my bodyguards.

Pete & Jeanne's tribe on my motorcycle.