Newport Oregon to Lincoln Nebraska, First Page

            This trip has been more wet and cold between stops than I'd thought.  But the stops have completely made up for it.  I've been able to catch up with some great friends and see many of their beautiful offspring!  I haven't updated the pictures for a while so there are quite a few on this page.  Double click on any of them to see the full image. 

            It's now the evening of Tuesday, September 26.  I'm in Topeka KS.  On Sunday I'll be going into Mexico, through Laredo TX.  From there I'll update the photo's more regularly.






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Here's the link to 'Old Faithful Web-Cam'


Typical Bend, OR, landscape. Cool area.

One of Bend's many great motorcycle roads.

Crooked River, between Bend and Madras on I-97.

Crooked River, between Bend and Madras on I-97.

Poplar trees. Thousands of acres of them being farmed just East of Hermiston, OR, on I-84.

Poplar trees, they're perfectly arranged. I've never seen tree harvesting done this effectively.

Off I-82, just South of Kennewick. I don't know what it is but I had to see it.

Jonathan W. and I before we traded bikes.

This bike will be difficult on the freeway, but good in the dirt...

Michael W., sleeping in bliss

Michael with a harsh awakening from older bro.

Chris, Angie, Jonathan and Michael and the very entertaining dogs.

Frank's Diner, a staple of Spokaniane's diet. If you're in Spokane go there for breakfast.

Ken Fournier and his back-yard TiPi [I would've spelled it TeePee but Ken informed me of the correct spelling].

Drummond, MT. I was very cold and wet and they had some mediocre soup and sandwiches. I guess the Bulls ass creates a novelty for the locals.

Scenery just East of West Yellowstone on Hwy 20.

Bird in water. I'm sure that's the scientific name.

This is Steve. He lives in West Yellowstone

Steve's wife and kids.


This is a Buffalo walking silently along the river.

This is how he looks at you when you make a grunting noise and rub your shoe in the gravel. I backed off, he won.

Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone.

Beryl Spring, Yellowstone.

Another shot of Beryl Spring.

'Artists Paintpots' area, in Yellowstone.

'Artists Paintpots' area, in Yellowstone. The old tree was killed in the 1988 forest fire.

'Artists Paintpots' area, in Yellowstone.

'Artists Paintpots' area, in Yellowstone. Muddy, calcified, bubbling muck.

'Artists Paintpots' area, in Yellowstone. Algae of some kind just below the waters surface in a stream.

Hot spring near Steamboat Geiser.

Steve's cousin.