Ass Laundry

August 6, Lima, Peru

            I thought it might have been cool to show the satellite view of Lima without the clouds, but it seems that Google Maps happened to snap their photo's during one of the 9 out of 12 months of the year that it is cloudy, foggy, misty, rainy, cold and simply Lima, in Lima.  I've been to Peru 3 times now, which means several flights through Lima and one moto arrival.  I've never seen the sun here and didn't expect it.

            On another note, I found an 80 gig external hard drive to back up my pictures, for about $135.00, and it seems to be working very well so I'm a little less worried about computer issues; if it crashes I'll still have copies of all my pictures, GPS coordinates and journals.  Also I had someone help me with the slow leak on my back tire and it was as predictable as clouds in Lima; "Beto", the guy in Iquique that put on my new back tire, left the "bead" area of the tire dirty as hell so it simply leaked air through all the dirt, grease and grime that he left on the rim (anyone that has even touched a moto tire knows that's a bad thing).  And on a really different note I'm really impressed with the Peruvian laundry services. 

            When I've had my laundry done in other countries it comes back smelling like some kind of laundry soap, or maybe even fabric softener, but it's generally a different smell than before it was washed.  Here in Peru they provide a special kind of service; they somehow find a laundry soap that matches the smell of your own ass.  I don't know how they do it, but I also don't know how they built Machu Picchu and the many other amazing ruins, or drew the Nasca Lines, or accomplished many of the other great mysteries of this enchanting country.  But I do know that they've matched my laundry to a special kind of ass-soap than matches my own biochemistry and they've done it many times.  I doubt I'll solve this mystery before leaving here.