Seattle to Newport

This, technically, is the beginning of my trip.  From Or maybe it was Friday the 104th.  Either way this is the Seattle to Newport leg of the trip.  I started at my storage facility (exciting) and went through town, then to Mt. St. Helens and then through the Columbia River Gorge and took a few pictures.  Back in Newport I took some pictures but neglected to capture any of the great Oregon coast.  Maybe when I get back...

Now it's September 7 and I'm heading to Bend Oregon this morning, right after this download...





Double click on any of the photo's to see full view.



After I sold my house I moved to Harbor Steps. 22nd floor. Best view in Seattle, great place to spend too much money.

The Wallingford Inn. I spent two weeks here after I sold/ gave away all my stuff and moved out of Harbor Steps. Waay different from Harbor Steps.

I stored my stuff in a 5 X 5 box, here. This is all very exciting eh??

Then I had lunch with Misty and Mike at the Rusty Pelican. They've got WiFi and good grub. (I promise this'll get better!!).

Then I headed south, and went to Mt. St. Helens. This is Coldwater Lake, Route 504, on the way to Mt. St. Helens.

More Rt. 504 Scenery.

Cool Bridge on 504. Fast ride!

Bridge details, if anyone's curious.

Mt. St. Helens, August 23rd. Yeah, that's it behind the clouds. I waited over an hour just to get that glimpse.

More St. Helens Scenery.

About 20 miles downstream from St. Helens on the Toutle River, about 100 feet from the rivers edge. After the erruption mud & silt flooded the valley

Now these folks can sell t-shirts and trinkets here (shop is just to the left of the A-frame).

Stump on Johnson Ridge, there were thousands of these created when the blast occured.

Mt. St. Helens, sans clouds, June 21, 2006.

Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge.

Lower Multnomah Falls.

Photography 101 - Long exposure, smooth water, like a Hallmark card.

Faster exposure, more crisp water (only slightly faster, low light).

Typical Columbia River Gorge trail scenery.

Crown Point, Columbia River Gorge.

House on the Columbia River Gorge. Notice the sign, he doesn't want any new friends today.

My Great Auntie Fritz with a mouthful of BLT! She rocks!!

Mom, Gramma, and Aunt Kathy in Pacific City, OR.

Gramma's farm, in background of previous picture.

Gramma throwing a tasty morsel to her friend

Back to Newport, a watering hole on our water front.

Steller Sea Lions on deck, Newport OR.

Steller wave.

"I'm so pretty and whitty and briiiight"

Stellers and tourists, Newport. You can tell a tourist from a local by simply asking whether they'd rather shoot a sea lion with a camera or a gun...

Newport to South Beach bridge.

Same bridge, different mood.