Yo voy a Coba, and some Bacalar stuff







            Coba ["Water stirred by wind"] is located in central Quintanna Roo.  It's hot and muggy and it is somewhat tranquil as there are not many visitors.  I think the only reason Tulum gets many times more visitors than Coba is simply because Tulum is so close to all the heavy tourism within the Riviera Maya and it's on a great beach.  But Coba, a 40 minute drive west of Tulum, is well worth the trip.

            Bacalar is worth a day or two of a visit and you won't run into many other gringo's.  There's not many restaurants and the zocolo pretty much shuts down at night.  There's an Italian restaurant on the North side of the zocolo where I met some other travelers from Eugene, John and Rene, and a couple other gringo's.

Click on the image and flip into a cenote.  Carefully.


Details about Coba. Coba is only 18 miles west of Tulum but gets only a fraction of the visitors.

One of many Pelota courts found here. Coba is a huge site and only a few of the estimated 6,000 structures have been excavated.

"The Church". There are 5 main groups of excavated buildings, this one is near the entrance, it's the second tallest structure at the site.

Info for the previous two, and following two photos. The park is very hot and there's usually a lot of mosquito's but they didn't really bother me.

Building to the right of The Church.

These tunnels with vaulted ceilings are in many of the buildings in Coba, more than I've seen in other ruins.

Sacbe; elevated Limestone and plaster roads, around 50 meet here. They put as much work into building these roads as the large buildings.

Frog on Sacbe. Earlier I said the Maya never invented the wheel; they had, but didn't use it to transport goods along the road; all were carried.

Another Pelota court, this one with many details.

You can see a duplicate of this on the previous photo. This is the original 'stele' and is being preserved under a roof.

This skull was right in the middle of the court, between the two "walls".

More details from the same Pelota court

The Nohoch Mul Group is what the info in front said but it's only this and a couple of small things off to the side.

I had to walk a really long way to see it so you get to see it three times in slightly different light/sky background.

If you go to Tulum you should also go to Coba. Or just skip Tulum, but rent a bike to see Coba because the park is really spread out.

"Temple of the Crossroads" because it's a temple and it's at an intersection. whoah. I wish we had more of the real names of these things.

I'm 48% sure my raincoat was lost here. I often move something from the bag while I'm getting my camera and set it on the seat, It probably fell off.

Limones. Driving from Tulum to Bacalar (and Chetumal) I saw this ruin out of the corner of my eye. It was excavated in 2000. No fee or anything.

Baluarte to defend Bacalar. Bacalar is on the edge of a shallow but large lagoon.

Same thing, in real life. Bacalar is an odd little town with not very much to do, but it's pleasant.

The first thing I did when I checked into the "Hotelito Amigo" was take this picture. It was from my room, only $35 with wireless internet.

View from under the little roof looking back at the "hotelito". It only had 6-7 rooms but was a very relaxing place with friendly hosts.

The restaurant at "Cenote Azul", where I hurt my shoulder doing flips. 10 or so days later it still hurts. I'll get a new one in Argentina.

On the upper left is the ledge above the restaurant where I dove. Look under the palm tree - the water seems to go forever, actually 90 meters.

Bacalar. High-School-Bus? sorry.