Puebla: Azulejos, Food, Talavera and Artists in action



            Puebla is one of those great cities that makes me feel like could live there.  The climate is good, not too hot or cold, there's great scenery and history with the dramatic background of an active, smoking volcano.  It's about 1.2 million people in size and has everything you need.  The food is the best I've had in Mexico.  The Volkswagen plant is their big money maker and they help the city by sponsoring athletic teams, churches and many other things.             

Click on the photo's and chew with your mouth closed.




Azulejos is the name for the tiles on the walls all around the city center of Puebla. They're all painted by hand.

Azulejos, closer. If you buy property in the historic zone you need to preserve the outside appearance. Even subtle changes require lots of red-tape.

Many of the old buildings have lobby's like this, with similar stairwells leading to the second floor.

Name of the hotel from previous pictures. Fuente means fountain and they don't have one, unless you count the toilets. Then they have about 35.

Chalupas, a typical food in puebla.

This guy makes the restaurant look like a mob hang out.

Mole is huge here, and good. Various blends of peppers, nuts, carrots, spices and sometimes chocolate. Use it to cook about anything.

More typical food.

3 blocks east and 2 blocks north of the zocolo there are tons of these shops. Some are Talavera, others are cheaper imitations. This is imitation.

Another imitation, but some pretty cool designs. All are painted by hand. This picture has sort of an anti-gravity feeling to it.

I just took this picture so I would remember how to spell Talavera.

True Talavera, good stuff. The Talavera is more expensive than the other stuff but its a better quality, and stronger.

Not sure if this is real or not.

On the street of 6 Norte between 4 and 6 Oriente most of the outside walls display their product.

It's everywhere in this part of town.


The real Talavera again.

Real Talavera needs to have its mark on every piece, no matter how small, even little napkin holders had the mark.

Talavera Armando seemed to have the best stuff. They'll give tours and show the whole process, beginning to end.

Talavera Armando is on the corner of 6 Norte and 6 Oriente.

Puebla started the Blue Man Group.

One more block east of all the Talavera is a street with many small painters' shops.

They are glad to have their picture taken.

Is it done yet?

More action.

A market for electronics, bootleg movies, etc. I bought the Mark Wahlberg Phil. Eagles movie - a true bootleg with bad sound, light, etc.

China Poblana, a local icon.

La Fuente China Poblana, a huge traffic circle goes around the fountain. It's a local landmark.

I think she needs a bath.

Cross from the restaurant where the students ate lunch everyday; unique.

Hard core graffiti from the hard core street thugs of Puebla.

This mall on the south side of Puebla might as well have been in New Jersey.

No need for subliminal advertising, just say what you mean!

The mall was complete with this choochoo train, which had sound effects.

Advertisement for a skin treatment that makes your ass smooth.