I had some "business cards" printed up before I started this trip as an easy way to give people my website info.  Those cards were a reiteration of the text at the top of my home page.

The new ones are in Spanish and include a sentence of how I'll turn this 'grand motorcycle venture' into a book.  I thought it might help with border guards and other officials when they start asking where I'm going and why.  I haven't used them yet but I'll let you know if they work... 






He aquí el único sitio web donde puede usted viajar de Seattle, USA hasta Tierra del Fuego, Argentina sin el polvo, el calor, las diarreas, y los problemas mecánicos.
Encontrará muchas fotos y datos informativos a lo largo de mi gran viaje de motocicleta.  Todos los detalles serán publicados después en mi propio libro.