Last USA Photo's; butterfly butter and the Lion King...



October 7, in Laredo TX.  I've completed all the last minute details with insurance, motorcycle, supplies, etc.  I'm at "Open" updating these photo's. 

Tomorrow, around noon, I'll find out if Mexico will let me in...

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Me, Steve, Nate in Albany OR. Photo's from the biginning of my trip.

Christine, me, Nate. Do I look shy??

Anna before a ride.

Nate before a ride.

Maybe the best place to eat in North Dallas. They bring you small pieces of perfectly cooked meat of all kinds 'till you say stop. Very good...

Cabela's - Not just a place, but an annual event for some. They come from hundreds of miles for their elk pee and beef jerkey.

Pearsall, the most boring town on the trip so far.

If you get the opportunity to eat here, don't. Making really bad chicken strips is almost impossible. They exceed the impossible & it's all they serve

I went through extremely dense butterfly clouds for about 40 miles, between Pearsall and Laredo TX. It was the nastiest day of this trip.

Butterfly butter. It's yellow and has a sweet putrid type of odor, like someone made a cake with ingredients that were just wrong, and burned it.

Butterfly butter ingredients on my headlight.

More butterfly butter.

Maybe butterfly butter is good for your skin...

GPS Specs for Laredo.

I guess it was just a little surprising to look out my hotel window and see some guy with the Lion King.

It really was a beautiful lion. It seemed healthy and obviously very tamed.

Lion Kings have to pee too. Laredo Marriott SpringHill Suites.

'yup, it's mine.'

Lion King releasing hostages.

Hostages, King sized.

After the bio-break the Lion King went willingly back into his kitty king van. I wonder what the contigency plan is if he gets disagreeable?