I thought I could fit more pictures on the first Mexico page put it didn't work, so here's the beginning of the second page of Mexico.  I'll add some Puebla and surrounding area photos to this page later on.

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                      San luis Potosi to Puebla







Happy couple in San luis Potosi

I guess the CMAP doesn't like the Mexican version of Democracy. I don't know anything about this group yet...

San luis Potosi, a grand cathederal.

The grand cathederal's name tag.

San luis Potosi, two girls spinning. The goal was to remain vertical longer than the other and it was fun to watch.

She won.

Young military recruits in one of the plaza's of San luis Potosi.

Another big storm going into Queretaro. I got very wet, again.

Pachuca. 8,000 feet above sea level.

Pachuca; El Reloj. It seemed to be the town's pride and joy, and the name of their newspaper. Too bad it's under construction today.

Pachuca, laundry day.

This kid was really happy to pose for a picture waving the Mexican flag. It was a fun moment.

Yet another thunder storm on the way to Puebla. I got really wet again.