Basilica, underwear protests and Museum of Anthropology



More pictures below from Mexico City. 

Here's a link to the Basilica Grounds.  It's pretty clear - the Main Basilica is the big round thing.  It's more interesting from the ground.

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The 70's style stadium looking main Basilica housing the "miraculous apron" behind bullet proof glass. I almost expected the Partridge Family singing.

Juan Diego showing the Bishop his apron. There are variations of this scene in paintings and statues allover the Basilica grounds.

"Chapel of the Indians" seems to be settling. The front right is lower than the front left. From the side it's more clear that the front is sinking.

Chapel of Tepeyac, built over the Aztec temple where Juan Diego had his vision.

Inside the Chapel of Tepeyac. It looks like there's a ghost in a blue vest. Woooooo

Description of the astrological clocks, following...

The back side of the clock, with Aztec and indiginous symbolism, is covered with poo.

The front side of the clock, with Christian symbolism, is relatively clean and well kept.

I was walking to the US Embassy and saw farmers protesting in their underwear.

Farmers from the 400 towns of the State of Veracruz want punisment for Dante Delgado, their former Governer.

Dante is now a Senator and they want him investigated for what they call repressive acts and broken promises.

The underwear theme was to represent that they were too poor to buy clothing. The wives and children were able to afford clothing.

Another sign asking for Dante's punishment, in front of new construction. The group was very friendly good humored and invited me to join them!

The Freedom Angel, on the Avenida de la Reforma

At US Embassy to register my trip. They wouldn't let me take a photo so in my best passive aggressive move I crossed the street and took a photo.

Cool buildings on the Avenida de la Reforma.

At the intersection of Avenida de la Reforma and Insurgentes Sur.

Big golden cow at the Museum of Anthropology, Mexico DF

Creepy skull at the museum.

Neandertal guy passed out.

Artistic summary of Mexico's different cultures.

A more specific summary of the various languages and indiginous tribes through Mexico.

Peyote chant: the blue flowers, the blue flowers, which are, behind the mountain, which are talking... You who claim to know all, interpret them...

Peyote dance

This massive roof at the museum is supported by the one column in the middle. There are lots of frogs and turtles in the pond, bring the kids!

I probably won't be going to Oaxaca due to all the problems there so I included some Oaxaca shots from the museum.

That's Oaxaca.

Colorful Oaxaca.

More colerful paintings. I've been to Oaxaca before and these brightly colored pictures seem to belong there.

Monte Alban, Oaxaca, where they basically shaved off the top of this hill to create a large, ancient city.

Funky art. This also seems typical as Oaxaca attracts "eco-stoned-nature-high" tourists. You can meet them at granola stores and PETA protests.